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Use of Tcl Scripts

The most of TISM functionalities can be accessed with specials Tcl functions.
The controller scripts are executed at Run-time and with very precise timing. They are called in response to external events or sequencer events.
It is possible to use internal messages just for control purpose. Indeed, if the first message value is greater than 16, it will never be send to the outside world.
This kind of messages can be use to control the sequencer or a recording process : a particular sequence can send internal messages at precise time in order to execute control functions.

Note : Using Tcl variable in a ``script 2 - parallel execution''
Because the script 2 of a controller is executed in a separate thread, standard tcl variable cannot be used to save data between different script executions.
Instead, TISM has its own variable manager which must be used in this case.
Theses function are listed in the Tcl Reference section

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