TiSM is an interactive & programmable software which allows to transform, record and sequence generic Midi messages in Real - time.
    The main idea is to provide a system that behave like a hard sequencing machine more than a traditionnal computer sequencer software.
    TiSM allows to program the system behaviour by associating simple Tcl scripts with received messages (Midi keyboard, controller, computer keyboard) or sequenced messages, so the tool can be used for a lot of different real-time applications.


   Computer assisted music cannot replace human interpretation during a performance. When the TiSM project started, there was no music software adapted to human performance.
   We needed a tool which allows to interact at a higher level than the sound directly (like sound effect) and which help to "control the time" and allows to record, modify, repeat, stretch (...) musician actions. Our solution was a real-time controlable and flexible Midi sequencer.
A presentation paper is available in french : tismpaper_231004.pdf



Samuel Dufour-Kowalski : Design & Conception, Code, Gui, Documentation, Web.
Nicolas Foulquier : Design, Testing.

Last updated : 29/09/04